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"Emily will make an excellent committee member because of her insight into the budget, her strong work ethic, and her commitment to finding district-wide solutions."

- Joyce Gerber, Rindge Avenue Upper School parent


“Emily gets the big picture and the details. She's already changed the conversation about CPS for the better, concentrating both on the positives and where we can do better. With Emily on the Committee, we can cut through the fog and get kids more of what they need to succeed as CPS students and after they graduate.”

-Leslie Brunetta, former King Open and CRLS parent


"Emily will be an amazing addition to the School Committee.  Her knowledge and passion is sorely needed." 

- Joan Sulis-Kramer, former King Open and CRLS parent


"Having read Emily's on-point posts on the CPS parent's list for two years now, I am excited to see her have a vote in school matters." 

–Alicia Volpicelli, Haggerty Parent 


"Emily Dexter is a serious, substantive candidate. She combines expertise in the field with in-depth experience of the details of the inner-workings of Cambridge Public Schools. Emily has excellent judgment and a vision for how our schools can do better. She is a strong advocate for more resources in the classroom as opposed to the creeping expansion of resources at the Central Office level. Emily gets what is needed practically to improve student achievement which is often at odds w/the political discourse and rhetoric we usually hear. She has the courage to ask difficult questions and demand answers, as well as the analytical ability to understand the complexities of data put in front of her. Emily is a creative, practical problem-solver. We need Emily and more candidates like her!"

- Debbie & Abram Klein, CRLS parents































































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Dian Brancazio

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Ethan Seidman

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Belinda Watt

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Eric Weinberger

Bruce Hay

Amy Witherbee

Alice Heller

Suzan Wolpow-Gill

Anna Henchman

Carol Yourman

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