• The national trend in education is to teach isolated academic skills at younger and younger ages, with more seat time and more worksheets. That's not the way Cambridge elementary teachers want to teach. Our early-grade teachers need the flexibility to design learning activities that match the interests of young children.

  • We're no longer a monolingual country. Students need to start learning another language well before middle school. I want all our elementary schools to have a language program.

  • Student learning happens in schools and classrooms. I want our teachers to have the resources they need to teach their diverse students, and not be stretched thin with too many students and too little support. Cambridge spends a lot on its schools, but not enough of that spending goes directly into the classroom.

  • Cambridge schools have put too much focus on standardized testing, not enough focus on deep learning. I want our students to learn academic skills in the process of solving real-world problems.

  • Our high school offers an out-of-date two-track program that labels students as Smart-and-Motivated or Not-Smart-and-Motivated. Detracking all the classes doesn’t solve the problem. We need flexible, personalized pathways that match the interests of each student, not more whole class instruction and standardized requirements.

  • We still have children starting kindergarten that have never gone to school. Our public school system needs to start educating at least all 4-year-olds. This is something our wealthy city can afford to do.

Vote #1 for Emily Dexter for School Committee, November 7, 2017.


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